Praise for Master Ling's Taiji (Tai Chi) Instruction

Here's what Master Ling's students are saying...

"This is the best training I have ever come across.  The health benefits have been immense to me and because of this, I will continue on the enjoyable Tai Chi journey.  I am thankful for the teaching of Dr. Ling, the friendly atmosphere he has established to conduct his classes, the beautiful setting to do the Tai Chi and exercises, and the kind and gentle people in the class."

"Dr. Ling is an excellent instructor.  I really enjoy and appreciate the care and time we take in warming up.  That helps me in class and out in the world."

"Master Ling's classes have taught me that through persistence, resilience and positive outlook I can achieve amazing things I never thought possible in life."

"I like Dr. Ling's "no pressure" outlook on learning the forms, his broad knowledge and great sense of community."

"Wonderful people both instructors and students, beautiful facilities.  The finest Martial Arts instruction I've received in my life."

"The classes are a mixture of basics and advanced techniques. We keep enforcing the foundation but also Dr. Ling mixes in applications, Chin Na etc to keep things interesting and enhance our development, which makes for a great atmosphere of learning and understanding."

"Dr. Ling is very generous with his time in helping individuals with their personal health issues."

"Excellent personalized instruction, outstanding teacher, great facility, great friends and fun social events with the group."

"My taiji has improved noticeably under the direction of Master Ling and I notice improvements in the other students."

"Thanks to Master Ling, I am the healthiest and in the best shape ever!"

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standing qigong practice with Master Zhichao Ling