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Cindy Cindy wrote on 10/03/2019 at 12:48 pm:
I've been studying with Master Ling for nearly a year now. It has been an exciting journey. I had a check-up with my physician last week. My blood pressure was lower than it has ever been, my cholesterol numbers were excellent (unusual for me), and my weight was down. My doctor was thrilled. I credit Master Ling and his excellent program for my health benefits. I do try to attend classes 4 times a week, but I didn't start that way. I took one class, and as I got stronger, gradually added more.
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
Congratulations Cindy on the great health report! Your dedication is inspiring, keep enjoying your Taiji!
Mary Songketon Mary Songketon from Indianapolis wrote on 07/30/2019 at 10:44 am:
I participated in Master Ling’s workshop on Yi Jin Jing, Classic Chinese Qi Gong. It was more than worth the intensive two days of classes and the sore muscles that followed. Master Ling did a fantastic job of incorporating the more rigorous physicality of muscle and tendon strengthening, the dual energizing and relaxing flow of Qi through the meridian systems, and also the Taiji applications of the 12 movements. This is not the first of Master Ling’s workshops I’ve attended, but like the others, it exceeded my expectations. I would recommend that anyone, at any level of knowledge or performance, participate in Master Ling’s classes, workshops and events.
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
Thank you for attending our workshops Mary, we enjoy your contributions to make them a great experience for everyone. You are always welcome here. See you again soon!
John Stanifer John Stanifer from Kokomo, IN wrote on 11/29/2018 at 10:44 am:
I have recently earned my yellow belt in taiji through Ling's Oriental Martial Arts. I've been doing taiji for about six months. It's been a challenging but very rewarding experience, and I have nothing but gratitude towards Master Zhichao Ling and all of the other more experienced students in the class for offering their wisdom, experience, and encouragement week after week. Tests for advancement are given twice a year at the Noblesville studio. Although I was a little nervous, I'd spent enough time practicing in and outside of class that I felt confident about passing my yellow belt test. Again, many thanks to Master Ling and my fellow students! P.S. For those interested in the details, this version of taiji is known as Yang taiji, and in order to earn the yellow belt, I had to do all of Yang Form 24 three times: at normal speed, fast speed, and with closed eyes. Master Ling is a seventh-generation instructor of this particular branch of the art. There are other martial arts practiced at the studio, but this was the one I felt most drawn to.
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
We are happy to have dedicated students like you John! Keep up the great practice and enjoy the many benefits of taiji in your life!
Teresa Teresa from Kokomo wrote on 04/21/2018 at 10:08 pm:
I’m a part of this class. It is amazing. I thought I would learn Taiji to help reduce my stress. I was the only beginner in a class of brown and black belts. I wondered why Dr. Ling didn’t have a beginners class for people like me. He told me very simply: “You will learn by following”. And he was so right. These people are fabulous. I have grown to love them like family. They are ALL wonderful teachers. Dr Ling is a regarded “big deal” in this area. When we have workshops, people come from all over the Midwest and beyond. Kokomo privileged to have a teacher with his credentials and pedigree. I strongly encourage you to come and try it. I was overwhelmed at first. I thought it was too hard. But it was amazing how quickly I was able to pick up the things he was teaching....because I had a circle of classmates who ALL take their time with me and share their knowledge with me. And on a side note...I feel better. I look better and I am hooked! Taiji: “NOT just old people sneaking up on trees!” It’s much much more.
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
Thank you for your comments Teresa, keep up the great work! We have an amazing community of students that enjoy learning taiji!
Gerald Brownin Gerald Brownin from Lowell wrote on 03/22/2018 at 1:26 pm:
I have visited Dr. Ling's school on two occasions. Dr. Ling is an amazing instructor, a dedicated martial artist, and great spirit. I attended the Chen Bing seminar last summer and look forward to attending this summer's seminar. Dr. Ling helps everyone who walks into his dojo and is a delight to talk to! I look forward to learning from you again, sir!
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
It's always great to see you Gerald, thank you for stopping by recently with your family. See you in May for Master Chen Bing's workshop!
Mark Cupryk Mark Cupryk from INDIANAPOLIS wrote on 03/10/2018 at 7:21 am:
We (Doina and Mark) have been extremely fortunate to learn and practice Tai Chi at Master Ling's School in Noblesville , Indiana for over 2 years. In each class, layers of detail of Tai Chi are shared, practiced and enjoyed by everyone. Our strength, flexibility and memory has improved significantly during this time. In addition, there is a strong community of kind and gentle souls that are always welcoming i.e. the Tai Chi family. The gym or dojo provides true zen relaxation with massive, clean open space and large, bright windows . Because Master Ling knows so many different martial arts, he brings an understanding to the true strengths and benefits of Tai Chi. We highly recommend trying a class since new students are always welcome!
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
Thank you Doina and Mark, you both contribute so much to the classes. We are so happy you are members of our Taiji community! (And yes, we welcome new students of any age or ability!)
Cathy Mendelson Cathy Mendelson from Indianapolis wrote on 03/08/2018 at 7:14 pm:
I have been taking classes with Master Ling for about three years. I have noticed significant improvement in flexibility, balance and coordination. People often ask why I go to a class in Noblesville driving from Indianapolis. I do it for the same reason many students drive a half hour and one student drives from Lafayette, because of the progress his students make. Master Ling sets the tone for a warm and compassionate community of students who care about each other.
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
Thank you for your comments Cathy, your dedication and progress are inspiring! You prove that there is no age limit to the benefits of Taiji!
Sue and Bill McCabe Sue and Bill McCabe from Dayton, OH wrote on 03/06/2018 at 8:36 am:
We attended the Taiji Yang 24 workshop the morning of February 24, 2018. We were impressed by the training, and even more so by the friendly, welcoming environment. It was worth the drive! Hope to see you again.
Admin Reply by: Z Ling
Thanks Sue and Bill, it was great to have you join us! We enjoyed meeting you and others from Ohio, Michigan and all over Indiana for this workshop. Please stop in anytime you are in the area.