Master Ling's Taiji (Tai Chi) Photo Gallery

Experience Traditional Taiji in Central Indiana

Qigong Workshops

Master Ling hosts intensive workshops and instructor certification for the 8 Brocades (Ba Duan Jin) and Muscle Tendon Change Classic (Yi Jin Jing) Qigong.  Students learn in-depth meaning of Qigong movements and how they impact health and well-being according to traditional Chinese principles.


Master Chen Bing Workshops

Taiji students from around the world join us annually for Master Chen Bing's inspiring Taiji workshops.  Master Chen Bing is a 20th generation representative and 12th generation lineage leader for Chen Family Taijiquan.  He is a direct descendant of Taijiquan creator Chen Wangting.  World-class Taiji instruction is right here in Indiana!

Master Chen Bing Gallery

Yang Taiji Workshop

Master Ling's Traditional Yang Style Taiji Workshop February 24 & 25, 2018. Training included the Yang 24 Form and Applications, Taiji Push Hands, Chin Na and Practical Self-Defense.  Guests from around the Midwest enjoyed the hands-on training and friendly atmosphere.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

The last Saturday of every April, our annual free Open House has become a great way to introduce the local community to Tai Chi (Taiji) and celebrate with friends and family.

Taiji Demos

We'll do Taiji here or there, we'll do Taiji anywhere!  Whether it's in a park, a business meeting, a university classroom, a festival or other venue; we are happy to introduce people to Taiji wherever and whenever we can. Contact Master Ling if you would like to arrange for a Taiji demonstration or workout wherever you are.


Twice a year Master Ling holds promotion tests for students to demonstrate what they have learned and challenge themselves with the testing process.  These voluntary events are how students advance their belt rank and are followed by celebrations with friends and family.

Kokomo Taiji

Master Ling teaches Taiji in Kokomo, Indiana twice a week and also hosts special events like summer Tai Chi in Jackson Park with the Kokomo Tai Chi Club.  Participation in events like the Kokomo Strawberry Festival are a fun way to be involved with the local community.

Kokomo Taiji class schedule.

Fun Times

We always have fun when we get together with students, family and friends.  Our Taiji community is a great place to meet really interesting people and expand your cultural horizons.  Join us and get connected!


Noblesville Grand Opening

Ling's Oriental Martial Arts opened its beautiful Noblesville, Indiana dojo for Taiji (Tai Chi), Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido and Kobudo classes in July 2014.  Noblesville Mayor, John Ditslear and many others joined the Grand Opening festivities.  Just a few months later our first Taiji class tested for promotions.

Noblesville Taiji class schedule.