Master Ling's Taiji (Tai Chi)

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Ling's Oriental Martial Arts

Yang Style Taiji 杨式太极

Explore the depths of traditional Yang Style Taiji with Master Zhichao Ling.  Ongoing group classes are available for instruction in Yang 8, 24, 48 and 85 Forms.  Private instruction is also available.

Master Ling's Taiji Class Schedules

Taiji Sword 太极剑

Challenge yourself and enhance your skills with Taiji sword form classes. Current group classes include instruction in Competition 32, 42, Wudang 49 and Chen 49 Forms.  Special classes available for Yang 56 and Wudang 63 Forms.

Master Ling's Taiji Class Schedules

Chen Style Taiji 陈式太极

Cultivate power and energy with Chen Style Taiji.  Class instruction includes Chen 13 "HeXie" and Chen Competition 56 Forms.   Private instruction available for Old Frame Chen 74 LaoJia YiLu 老架一路, Chen 41 LaoJia ErLu 老架二路 and New Frame Chen 83 XinJia YiLu 新架一路, Chen 71 XinJia ErLu 新架二路.

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Taiji Push Hands & Qin Na 太极推手, 擒拿

Push Hands and Qin Na (Chin Na) training will develop your sensitivity and deeper understanding of the the forms while creating confidence and adaptability in any situation.  Applications instruction is included throughout regular group classes and is also available in private sessions.

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Taiji is a Martial Art...

The forms and techniques taught in Master Ling's classes are not only a beautiful and healthy workout but also effective self-defense.  Beyond the techniques lies the art of adaptation to individual circumstances and intentions.  As with any skill, diligent practice of Taiji as a martial art will bring both mastery and confidence.

Through applications training, students learn that opponents and situations vary greatly.  Students will gain the experience to recognize and seize opportunities to neutralize an attacker's strength and size by redirecting movement and mass as well as controlling weaknesses.

Experience for yourself what so many of Master Ling's students have discovered; there is no comparison to his high quality, personal Taiji instruction.  Master Ling's credentials.

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